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BUILD is taking Shop Talk to a whole new level

During COVID, many of us were forced to find new ways of doing our standard activities. We saw creativity and innovation in so many areas of our life, which have now become standard. However; one thing that many of us missed was in-person connections that provided a platform for true, real conversation. Many times, these conversations happened for us in our barbershops and beauty salons.

If you've ever stepped foot into a barbershop or beauty salon, you know the conversations can cover a variety of topics. From sports, relationships, and jobs to politics, religion, and even community organizing. The shop has always been a pillar in the Black community, where one can come to laugh, learn, and walk out looking better than they came in. Some of us even just go to the shop simply for the talk and connection, nothing else. Unfortunately, the pandemic tried to break the connection between the shop and the community, but BUILD remained determined to create a bridge to bring it back.

While we are slowly returning to a sense of normalcy in our everyday lives, some of the pandemic-related changes are now permanent. These changes include occupancy limitations - so to bypass this, BUILD is bringing the shop talk to you virtually!

BUILD Barbershop Series is returning for Season 2 this April! Join the brothers of BUILD as they take shop talk to a whole new level. Listen, laugh, and learn as these brothers explore topics that impact Black men and youth in our community. Nothing is off-limits. Season 2 launches on April 6th at 7pm. This limited series will run through April, with new episodes every week.

But what about the ladies? BUILD didn't forget about the ladies. Join BUILD as they partner with the Double Dutch Divas to expand upon shop talk for women. Be sure to check out BUILD Salon Series, launching April 3rd. This new series will introduce the community to some amazing women making moves in our community. The ladies will also discuss topics from A to Z, and everything in between. BUILD Salon Series will be a limited series, with the first episode airing on April 3rd at 6pm. This limited series will run through May 8th, with new episodes every week.

Check out both BUILD Barbershop Series and BUILD Salon Series on all BUILD platforms and don't forget to tag #BUILD206 #BUILDBarbershopSeries #BUILDSalonSeries in your comments as you watch. We cannot wait to hear what the community has to say!

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