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BUILD has partnered with the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards to help educate and inform our community about their rights and responsibilities related to labor standards as employees or employers in the city of Seattle.  Seattle Labor Standards cover all employees working in Seattle regardless of an employee’s immigration status. Seattle Labor Standards apply to all businesses and organizations operating in Seattle.

City of Seattle OLS Resources

Click the links below to access some FREE resources from the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) for employees and employers in the City of Seattle.

What's in store for 2024?

BUILD proudly announces that we've renewed our partnership with the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards for 2024. This renewed partnership allows us to continue informing the Black community of their rights as employees and their responsibilities as business/organization owners and leaders, when it comes to labor standards in the city. 


Why Arts & Entertainment? Oftentimes, the Black community can be taken advantage of when it comes to our creative ideas, products, and services. So much of what we see today in popular culture has been positively impacted by Black culture. To help our Black creative community understand how to protect themselves, their rights, and their responsibilities in Seattle, we chose to focus on this category of work. We look forward to connecting with many Black creatives, whether DJs, musicians, dancers, painters, actors, visual artists, graphic artists, and more, to help them learn about labor standards.

Introducing our Education & Outreach Coordinator

New Education & Outreach Coordinator.png

After an exhaustive search, we proudly introduce our new Education and Outreach Coordinator, Kelly Guy. Kelly will help BUILD increase its focus on promoting our educational initiatives and conduct outreach within the community at various events and activities.


Kelly needs no introduction! Kelly has over 30 years of experience in program development and operations and has been involved in community program planning, development, and outreach since beginning her professional career. Kelly enjoys spending time with family, reading, traveling, and attending music concerts outside of work. She also creates greeting cards and art pieces and has a line of customized beanies. Kelly's role will focus on our BUILD Labor Standards initiative this year, so stop by and say hi if you see Kelly in the community.

If you (or your organization) are interested in having BUILD attend an upcoming event and sharing our BUILD Labor Standards initiative with your network, then please submit an Event Request Form and Kelly will be in contact with you. 

BUILD Labor Standards Podcast

Learn more about our BUILD Labor Standards initiative and why this information is so important for the Black community through our BUILD Labor Standards Podcast.


Check out Season 1 hosted by our brother of BUILD, Deaunte Damper. Deaunte connects with the community, our partners, and our team to dive deeper and answer the question, What are Labor Standards. Listen or Watch all episodes on all BUILD platforms.

Season 2, hosted by our OLS Outreach Coordinator - Kelly Guy, will launch in Summer 2024.

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BUILD Labor Standards for Business Trainings

Fair Chance Employment Ordinance Training

Check out our training around Seattle's Fair Chance Ordinance. Learn why not allowing an applicant's criminal past to impact their future is important. Everyone deserves a second chance. Watch the video to learn more. 

BOEF Labor Standards Training (April 29th).png

2023 BUILD Labor Standards for Business - Business Licensing and Independent Contractor Protections

Join BUILD 206 to learn what is needed to launch your business/organization and remain compliant as a business/organization in the City of Seattle. BUILD is bringing information from the Office of Labor Standards to the community to discuss the City of Seattle Business Licensing and Tax Requirements and Independent Contractor Ordinances. Leave ready to do business and stay in business in the City of Seattle.

Know Your Rights - Current OLS Ordinances

Wage Theft is REAL!

If you (or someone you know) are NOT being paid fairly as an employee in Seattle for overtime or making the required minimum wage, reach out to BUILD for assistance. 

Use the link below to learn more about this ordinance and to ensure you are receiving fair treatment from your employer.

Independent Contractors have rights too!

If you are an Independent Contractor working in the City of Seattle, be sure to learn about your rights under the Independent Contractor Protection Ordinance! Learn more about your rights under your contract and being paid in a timely manner.  

Use the link below to learn more and contact BUILD if you need assistance.

Rest Breaks and Fair Scheduling

Remember that employees must receive standard rest breaks and lunch periods, based on the hours worked. Also, they MUST know their schedule in advance and be permitted to have input on their schedule. Don't think you're receiving your breaks or an interactive scheduling process, contact us below.

Job Applications cannot ask about Criminal History


Did you know that in the City of Seattle an employer CANNOT inquire about your criminal history on a job application?

If you think you've been unfairly asked for this information, contact BUILD for assistance or click the link below to learn more about the Fair Chance Employment Act.

Have Questions? Let's Chat!

If you think you have an issue with your employer or need assistance as a business/organization with compliance? Please provide your info below to get in touch with a BUILD representative. Protection of identifying information, language/interpretive services, and reasonable accommodations are available upon request.

Thank You for your information. A BUILD Representative will be in contact with you within 24 - 48 hours.
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