BUILD Black Wealth

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The BUILD Black Wealth campaign is BUILD's initiative to increase Black wealth in Seattle and King County. BUILD is focused on injecting funding and providing education that focuses on Black homeownership, investing, savings, tax knowledge & preparation, goal setting, resume writing, and small business/org support.


With a focus on creating equity for the Black community, BUILD  is partnering with community members to connect them to these resources, educational materials, and develop long-lasting connections to help close the wealth gap that exists for our Black community members.

BUILD Black Wealth - Incubator Program

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Through BUILD's partnership with BECU, BUILD is seeking to inject funding into the Black community by supporting Black-led businesses/organizations with $1,000 grants to 20 businesses/organizations through the BUILD Black Wealth Incubator Program.

This program is designed to create a cohort of Black-led businesses and organizations who can come together to collaborate, discuss how we can support one another, and receive resources to help them grow & sustain. 

This program is open to Black-led businesses and organizations. Participating businesses/organizations must be based in King County. There is no age limit to apply - all are encouraged to apply.

The application closes on February 3rd, 2022.

Upcoming Workshops

Join BUILD for our upcoming workshops focused on educating the Black community on tips, techniques, and habits that can help them on their wealth-building journey. Attendees will be provided with FREE resources to help them further their goals.

To ensure the quality of all of our workshops, space will be limited.

Advance Registration is REQUIRED for all workshops.

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Tax Education

Do you have Tax Questions? Or need Tax Help?

Whether you are an independent contractor or small business owner with questions about your income taxes? or just a community member who needs help, this series is for you! Here’s the kicker, most Black people aren’t able to capitalize on some of the most lucrative areas of filing taxes. Join us and our BUILD partner, Nichele Smith of Smith Strong Services, to learn how properly file your taxes, reduce your tax burden, set your business up for success, and possibly maximize your tax refund. 

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Life Insurance & Estate Prep

Need to plan for your future, but don't know where to start? 

Join us and our BUILD partner, Tyona O'Cain, a state-certified insurance broker, to learn about the importance of life insurance and the benefits of properly planning for your future & your estate. As a community, we want to strive to ensure that the next generation is better off than the one before. Learn how she has used her personal experiences to educate herself and in turn, come to serve and improve her community. Tyona will provide participants with key information on how to choose what covers their needs. 

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Goal Setting

Come out and kickstart your new year.

Learn some tips and tricks about setting intentional goals for your success! Join André Franklin and learn how consistently setting goals helped him accomplish homeownership, being a successful entrepreneur, being able to rise into leadership positions within the City of Seattle over a 15-year career, and founding an organization focused on leadership, support, and relationship-building to improve his community.


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Health is Wealth

Want to learn more about the connection between your health and improved financial success?

Join us and our BUILD partner, Sierra Jones (The Black Spiritualist, for info and education on understanding self-care, living in flow, and creating balance to activate your health, wealth, and vitality. Sierra Jones is a certified life coach, who assists her clients in achieving their goals through a focus on spirituality, mindfulness, and energy healing. Her passion is to engage with people, create realistic goals, and help them recognize a real change in their lives.  Sierra is a proud graduate of the University of Washington and in her spare time, she loves remaining active in the community and giving back through mentorship. 

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Debt Management & Investing

Interested in learning more about Stocks & Investing?

Need to get your debt under control so you can invest?


Join us and our BUILD Partner, Kory Kumasaka, to listen and learn how his passion as a financial advisor helps him empower his clients that may lack access to resources or are intimidated by the financial options available to them, escalate their conversations around finances with their family and community.

FREE Resources

BUILDing wealth is a collaborative effort. It won't be complete in ONE DAY, but you can start your journey TODAY with the right tools and resources. Check out these FREE resources to jump-start your path to financial literacy and wealth-building.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 9.33.51 AM.png

Million Stories is a new entertainment platform that will harness the power of entertainment to inspire, entertain, and transform lives. Generation Z is the largest generation of adults in America, but we haven't learned how to make the system work for us. Most of us don't even know what we don't know. The truth is, not everyone knows where to start. It even seems overwhelming.

Click HERE to watch their series with Richard Sherman on money management & budgeting

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Meet Tiffany The Budgetnista -- the woman dedicated to making life-changing financial education accessible to women worldwide. Visit her page for FREE financial resources for both adults and children alike. Featured on various national networks (ABC, NBC, MSNBC), Tiffany has helped over 1M+ people #LIVERICHER lives through improved financial literacy.

Click HERE to learn more.

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Join the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle for their Financial Empowerment Series.

The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle’s Housing department takes pride in supporting economic growth and empowerment in our community by providing low-to-moderate income individuals and families with free financial literacy and training.

Click HERE to learn more.

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Mint Budget Tracker

Do you need a FREE and easy way to track your income & expenses? Check out the MINT app and easily track, understand, and manage your finances directly from your smartphone. Securely link your bank accounts and stay on top of your money management.


Click HERE to learn more.

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Affordable Seattle

A key part of building wealth and financial literacy is related to making choices to maximize where MOST of your money goes. For many of us, much of our money is spent on the cost of living (rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation, etc.). If you live within the City of Seattle, learn about resources to improve your affordability of living in the city. Find links about the best rates for childcare, transportation programs, utilities, and much more.


Click HERE to learn more.