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Two of BUILD leadership members get interviewed by Nonprofit Luminaries about how & why they BUILD

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Communities of color have a unique set of difficulties due to systemic injustices.  racism, red lining, gentrification and other societal issues that contribute to those communities being at a disadvantage.  

How do you combat that?  You get together with guys like Andre Franklin, Cedrick Alderman and the other leaders of BUILD 206 and invest in your community.  You help to strengthen young people through relationship building, mentoring, providing resources and in general being an example for people to follow.

When you do that, positive things happen.  Violence can decrease, relationships can improve and a stronger sense of community can be created where people are willing to support one another in facing the hard issues that are around them.

If you want things to improve in your community, follow the footsteps of BUILD 206, and invest in those you live with.

Brothers United In Leadership Development (BUILD) is a grassroots organization with the vision that Black men are empowered leaders and mentors who make positive change in their community by instilling pride, hope, and perseverance in Black men. They focus on civic engagement, leadership development, mentoring, and community partnerships throughout the greater Seattle area.

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