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King County COVID Funding Education and Information for the Black Community

During the pandemic, many government entities received funding from the federal government to assist with their operations and ensure the community was supported. With many government-funded programs, our community is often not fully informed on the resources available or remaining. To ensure equity in communication, BUILD has partnered with King County Equity and Social Justice to inform the Black community about how COVID funding was spent and available programs.

Join us as we share relevant information for the Black community about the distribution of $2.16 billion dollars of COVID relief that was delegated and disbursed in King County. Learn more about what programs our community utilized and what programs are still available. Why is this information important to the Black community?

Oftentimes, our community is unable to actively engage or participate in government-sponsored programs that provide assistance or aid due to a lack of information. This may be due to how the information is shared, where the information is shared, or who the information is shared by. Our goal through this partnership is to use our relationships within our community, to continue to operate as a trusted resource, and provide information that is relevant AND helpful. BUILD will provide information through our COVID-19 resources webpage, social media, our weekly newsletters, BUILD 206 Podcasts, and through our media partners to spread the word.

If you're interested in reading more about the distribution of these King County recovery funds, click HERE.

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