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Educating the Black Community on Labor Laws

BUILD is proud to announce its partnership with the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS). BUILD and OLS have partnered to ensure that all communities are educated, have access to resources, and receive support around labor law violations in the city of Seattle.

So why Labor Laws? In 2020, many compan­ies made grand state­ments of commit­ting to more inclus­ive hiring, and some even made dona­tions to civil rights organ­iz­a­tions. But as many have poin­ted out, these efforts are belied by a sorry history of not follow­ing through on good inten­tions when it comes to Black employees or work­ers of any kind. Unfortunately, many Blacks are aware of the long­stand­ing and aggress­ive oppos­i­tion by busi­ness interests to fixing the core defects of our labor and employ­ment laws that have excluded many Black workers from the economic gains of the 20th and 21st centur­ies. For example, in the Tech Sector, much of their of color work­force are employed in minimum wage or contractor posi­tions, and the same compan­ies have fought tooth and nail against remedy­ing the omis­sions of these work­ers from core employ­ment protec­tions. To ensure that the fight of those before us isn't lost, BUILD wants to do its part to keep the Black community aware of their rights under the law.

To ensure that our community is aware of their rights, BUILD is launching BUILD Labor Standards. Through a dedicated webpage, social media campaigns, educational video shorts, and distribution of information via events, BUILD is excited to get fair treatment for our Black community members in need. BUILD, in partnership with OLS, will cover and present information on labor law topics like Paid Sick and Safe Time, Gig Worker Protections, Secure Scheduling, and How to File a Complaint. BUILD will also be assisting our community with virtual resources, that help an employee determine if they need to file a complaint.

While labor law may not be a common topic for many, BUILD wants the knowledge to become commonplace. If you or someone you know might need assistance, please contact BUILD via our BUILD Labor Standards webpage.

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