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Creating Funding Resources to BUILD our Community

An overlooked aspect of systemic racism is how it hampers the ability of the Black entrepreneur to obtain funding to support their business dreams. Every entrepreneur needs supportive conditions to flourish. One of the pillars of the proverbial American Dream is the opportunity to leverage the entrepreneurial spirit, energy, and infrastructural support uniquely provided by the United States to make a better life for oneself. Investors often don’t understand the investment focus of Black entrepreneurs, nor do they appreciate the opportunity for returns on the investment their business deals represent. The different perspective of the Black entrepreneur is based on the fact that they encounter different problems within their community, and consequently, see different solutions.

BUILD remains focused on providing solutions for our community. To help the Black community, specifically Black-led businesses and organizations, BUILD is introducing the BUILD Black Wealth Incubator Program, launching January 3rd, 2022. Click HERE to apply.

Through funding received from the BECU Foundation's Black Community Development Program (BCDP), BUILD is planning to inject funding into the community with 20 grants of $1,000 per business. While $1,000 is not much, we know that all funding made available to the Black community helps improve our success, resilience, and longevity. The intent of this funding is to help Black-led businesses and organizations close gaps with funds received to purchase resources, secure licensing, complete certifications, or whatever other business need may exist.

These grants are being offered to the Black community with a low barrier to access. Interested Black-led businesses and organizations only need to complete a simple one-page application for consideration. The application will open on January 3rd and close on February 3rd. Grant recipients will be notified soon thereafter.

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