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BUILDing Community with our 2023 BUILD Block Party

We’re back for another year of celebrating, connecting, and BUILDing with the Black community for our 3rd Annual BUILD Block Party. BUILD was once again proud to partner with Columbia City Beatwalk to put on this event that brought together community members, Black vendors, community resources, performers, and DJs for a day of fun, music, and celebration.

This past year has been tough for the Black community in dealing with increased violence, loss, and policy changes that have had direct impacts for our community. Through it all, we continued to persevere. Not only as a people but as a collective community. It’s times like this that make community gatherings like the BUILD Block Party so important. Anytime that we can come together to spread love, celebrate the joy of being Black, and enjoy our culture is a great time to be had.

The community was able to connect once again with the Double Dutch Divas. Enjoy the tunes from DJ Mr Nyice Guy, DJ Ya Girl Ness, and DJ Graham. Also, the community got a chance to experience 5 Dance Artist Tracey Wong and the 7 Funkaholics featuring Roc Phizzle and Mac Slug.

Not only did we have a great time, but we also got a chance to spread the word about BUILD’s Labor Standards Initiative. BUILD has partnered with the City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards to educate the Black community, both as employees and business owners in the City of Seattle, on applicable labor standards. Our outreach provides community members with the ability to ask questions and get assistance in real time. Learn more about this initiative at

Thank you to 4Culture for partnering with us to support our 2023 BUILD Block Party. Learn more about 4Culture and their support of the arts by visiting

Lastly, we appreciate everyone who joined us to have fun, connected with our vendors and resource providers, or came to listen to some great music. We look forward to offering more BUILD 206 community events, activities, and workshops. We hope to have even more performers, vendors, and community members join us for our future community events.

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