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BUILDing Black Wealth through Financial Education

Huge wealth disparities between Black and white households in America existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic and have continued during the crisis. Data shows that during the pandemic, Black households faced more financial emergencies with fewer economic resources, resulting in a widening gap in economic opportunity between Black and white households.​ While the economic stimulus packages were helpful, they did little to nothing to change the status of the wealth divide among Black and white households.

BECU founded the Black Community Development Project (BCDP) to be a resource to combat the wealth gap in our communities. The Black Community Development Project, led by BECU's Social Impact team with support from the Black Alliance Cooperative Employee Connections Group (ECG), is dedicated to helping to improve the overall emotional, physical, and financial health and well-being of the Black community. As a part of BECU's commitment to supporting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) they are committing to providing financial resources to nonprofit and grassroots African-American/Black led organizations working to grow and expand their capacity and impact in the community.

BUILD is proud to be a recipient of BECU's BCDP's grant to create financial resources for our community. With these resources, BUILD presents its BUILD Black Wealth Workshop series, coming in 2022. BUILD will offer FREE workshops to the community to improve their financial literacy and inject needed resources into Black businesses, families, and community members. Workshop topics will be Home Ownership, Resume Writing, Goal Setting, Tax Education & Preparation, and Investing. BUILD is focusing on growing interests in these activities, in hopes of securing additional resources to continue with educational series and workshops for years to come.

Interested community members can sign up by CLICKING HERE to be notified when registration opens. Workshop registration will be offered to those on the interest list first and then made available to the community.

To ensure that all attendees get a quality experience, attendance for each workshop will be limited to a specific number of attendees. So be sure to sign up on the interest list.

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