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More BUILD Black Wealth Workshops are HERE

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

UPDATE: More workshops have been added. Be sure to sign up soon!

When it comes to building wealth, many Black Americans are facing an uphill battle. As of 2020, about 3.5 million of the country’s Black households have a negative net worth due to debt. Trying to save and build wealth can be a big issue, especially when you might not make enough to feel like you can save.

Remaining focused on creating solutions, BUILD tapped into the community to create a network of resources for this initiative. Through our BUILD Black Wealth Workshops, BUILD is providing free, educational workshops for the community on topics that focus on building wealth. Community members will be educated on topics like resume writing, health & wellness, goal setting, tax planning, debt management, investing, estate planning, and homeownership. In addition to workshops, our BULD Black Wealth webpage will serve as a dedicated resource to connect the community to resources focused on money management and financial education.

During workshops, participants will be able to learn, discuss, and apply their knowledge using the resources provided in real-time. Funding will also be made available to help our community members open begin investing, obtain free tax preparation, improve their job prospects, or begin their homeownership journey.

The community is encouraged to sign up early. Workshops will be offered in both virtual and in-person settings. To ensure the quality of the experience for the community, space will be limited and advance registration will be required.

Check out the workshops & register on our BUILD Black Wealth webpage HERE.

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