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BUILD Black Wealth Incubator Program Recipients

BUILD continues to focus on remaining a trusted resource in our community this year! To help the Black community, specifically Black-led businesses and organizations, we introduced the BUILD Black Wealth Incubator Program that launched on January 3rd, 2022.

BUILD is injecting funding into the Black community by giving 20 Black-led businesses/organizations $1,000. We know that all funding made available to the Black community helps improve our success, resilience, and longevity. The intent of this funding is to help Black-led businesses/organizations close the gaps with funds received to purchase resources, secure licensing, complete certifications, or whatever other business need may exist. Along with this funding, the Black-led businesses/organizations will become part of a resource cohort, where BUILD and these Black-led businesses/organizations leaders can share tips based on their experience, provide mentorship, and access resources related to finances, business management, process improvement, and technology.

BUILD was overwhelmed with the 250+ applications we received for this program. While the decision was very hard, BUILD is excited to announce the list of winners of the BUILD Black Wealth Incubator Program:

1. Double Dutch Divas (@bosslady_double_dutch_divas)

2. CAPCA - Central Area Parents & Coaches Association (@cd_panthers_206)

3. Seattle Urban Book Expo (@seattleburbanbookexpo)

4. Take Risk and Prosper (@takeriskandprosper_)

5. Little D's Gratitude Lemonade (@gratitudelemonade)

6. Mindful Soulhettes (@chocolateinseattle)

7. Moose's Burgers (@moosesburgers)

8. Acts On Stage (@actsonstage)

9. XEEX 97.4 (

10. The Postman (@thepostman_seattle)

11. Blaq Elephant Party (@blaqelephantpartyorg)

12. The Smith White (@the_smith_white)

13. H Game Muzic Group (@hgamemuzic)

14. Seattle Sound Music Awards (@seattlesoundmusicawards)

16. Def Chef Kitchen (@jimainemiller)

17. Dancing In The Rain Media (

18. AxSM Art LLC / The Liink Project (@theliinkproject)

19. Peach Cobbler Perfection, LLC (@peachcobblerperfection)

20. Sprout (@yusprout)

BUILD is proud to celebrate that Black excellence that exists with our community and support these 20 Black-led businesses and organizations. From youth-led, woman-owned, clothing, sports and recreation, food, performance arts, media companies, music, and shipping. Our community offers the resources WE NEED! Take a minute and follow these businesses and organizations on their social media to learn more about what they have to offer.

Continue to follow BUILD and stay tapped in on our upcoming events. We look forward to creating additional opportunities to connect the Black community to low-barrier funding opportunities in the future.

Remember, the Black community always has had all the resources WE NEED!

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