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BUILD Art Break is BACK!

Join us for BUILD Art Break on September 18th. Participate in each episode with the Supply List and get your materials in advance.

This fall, we are reintroducing BUILD Art Break to the community once again. If you remember, we brought BUILD Art Break to the community in August 2021 to connect art and joy to our community. This activity was so successful, that we wanted to run it back for 2022. So why art for the Black community and why now?

The erasure of blacks and other minority cultures from art history has been demonstrated through a lack of presence in major art forums. It encompasses not only an absence of minority figures in the art itself but black artists as well. The issue isn’t that black art is rare or those black artists are less talented, so why is there such an absence of black representation in art? This absence seems to imply that we (blacks) were either not around or played no, or very few, significant roles in the history of the world even though that is far from true. In the United States, it is not uncommon for textbooks and lessons to leave out crucial parts of history they would rather forget. In many educational institutions, black art and artists are not seen as important enough to the progression of art to be discussed in depth or many times to be discussed at all. Well, our goal is to create change for this generation and future generations.

BUILD Art Break is designed to connect the community with various art mediums and local artists who have seen success through those mediums. Whether painting or performative arts, like musicians, actors, or even comedy. All Black art is important!

So join us, beginning Sunday, September 18th to watch BUILD Art Break. We will share a new episode with the community every Sunday, through mid-October. Tap in on all BUILD Outlets (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, and YouTube). Also, tap in with our media partners (Converge Media and Dancing in the Rain Media) who will be broadcasting BUILD Art Break as well.

Be sure to get your BUILD Art Break Supplies for each episode in advance. Supplies can be purchased from Amazon or Blick Art Supplies.

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