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Announcing BUILD's partnership with Converge Media

BUILD is proud to announce its collaboration with Converge Media. After realizing the reach, following, and respect that both organizations have developed among the Black community in Seattle, it was in both organizations’ best interest to collaborate and expand the reach of Seattle’s Black stories, education, events, and activities to the masses.

Converge Media (IG: @wwconverge) is best known for capturing the inside view of the Seattle protests in response to Black Lives Matter, Police Reform, and the fight for effective leadership in Seattle’s city government. From there, Converge developed additional content designed with Black people in mind. Here at BUILD, we've expanded our media reach over the past year with the grassroots development of BUILD 206 Media. Starting with online shows, our platform has expanded to providing the community with podcasts, new online shows, and creating training and capacity-building opportunities for other community organizations who are interested in learning about podcasting and starting their own shows.

This collaboration will focus on capacity building for both organizations. Converge and BUILD, together, will work on developing media shorts that help expand the reach of messaging and education targeted at the Black community. This includes Voter Education, Labor Standards related to Black Workers in Seattle, Black Wealth Building, and so much more. The collaboration will also create additional capacity in securing funding and resources, to be used for the creation of Black events, activities, and Black joy in the community. Using Converge’s platforms and reach coupled with BUILD’s longstanding relationships in the community and programmatic content, this is a win-win for Seattle’s Black community. Together, the two organizations stand to connect nearly 25K followers on social media with new content and many more with in-person activities & events. Be on the lookout for more to come from BUILD & Converge collectively.

Click HERE to check out our announcement on Converge's Morning Update Show

About Converge Media: Converge Media, founded by Omari Salisbury, is a leading producer of culturally relevant content in Seattle and across the Pacific Northwest. We create videos, editorial and creative writing, podcasts, and local news coverage curated specifically for an urban audience. We believe that the Black community deserves authentic representation, a focus on our community’s issues, and equitable access to elected officials, leadership, and governmental information. Learn more at

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